Richmond Area Bot Instigated Destruction

A Richmond, Virginia based group of robot combat enthusiasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Combat robots are machines designed to destroy each other in an attempt to be the best. Battlebots is one of the most well known examples of combat robotics in the US. They fight 250lb robots with weapons up to 60lbs spinning as fast as 250mph.

    Insect weight combat robots are small, more budget friendly bots that are more accessible to everyone. They are split up into 150g fairyweights, 1lb antweights, and 3lb beetleweight classes. One thing to note, is these are the US weight classes. In the UK and many other places 150g bots are called antweights. The smaller sizes allow for smaller arenas and cheaper parts, without taking away from any of the carnage.

    One of the best ways to start is in the 1-pound 3D printed class. These bots use 3D printed parts to form the bodies and weapons, keeping the cost low. If something breaks a new one can be printed instead of machined. The electronics are also generally widely available as drone parts. Generally the radio will be the most expensive part of the robot. The good news is, one radio can be used for multiple bots, just not at the same time. Feel free to join our discord server so we can help you out!

Current Rules

  • We will follow the basic SPARC ruleset for plastic classes.
  • Approved materials are printed PET, PETG, ABS, PLA, PLA+, and TPU.
  • Motors, wheels, fasteners, and electronics do not need to be printed, but must not be a significant structural part of the bot.
  • Any non printed parts should not be exposed in a way that they can be hit, or hit another bot. The bot should be as much 3d printed as possible.
  • No heat, fire, smoke, entanglement, or other weapons that do not fit the spirit of the rules.
  • True walkers using no continuous rotational movement for locomotion (this includes things like vibration motors) will get a full weight bonus (908g)
  • Shufflers will get a half weight bonus (681g)
  • Batteries should be protected at all times. If a battery becomes exposed during the fight, the match is over. The bot with the exposed battery loses. Take care when charging batteries and charge them in Lipo bags.
  • Bots will be given up to 20 minutes minutes between fights for repairs. Later in the day we may need to be strict on this time, so please work with us.
  • There will only be 1 attempt at an unstick and only if both bots are stuck. If they cannot be unstuck or get stuck again, the match will go to the judges.
  • If you have any rules questions please contact us BEFORE the event.

Upcoming Events

RABID Presents: Fall of the Bots

When and Where

November 18, 2023 @ 10:00 AM Doors Open
10:45am Safety and check-in
11:30am Drivers meeting, Event to begin after

Build RVA
3301-D Rosedale Ave
Richmond, VA 23230


Get event details and register your bot on Robot Combat Events!

Previous Event

Botmas in July

Thanks to everyone for your help and participation in our July event. Congratulations to the winners!

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